Baptists on Mission

Baptists on Mission’s vision is that every Christian should share God’s love with hurting people through word and deed. All Christians are called, gifted and sent and they help churches involve their members (women, men and students) in missions and ministry in Jesus’ name.

Disaster Relief

Hurricane Florence brought record-breaking levels of devastation to the state in the fall of 2018 and relief efforts are still ongoing.

A long term rebuild has helped get many people back in their homes. Four rebuild center sites house and feed many volunteers while working. Providing hope and relief will be a long term response that will take years and require thousands of volunteers.

Baptists on Mission is continuously directing resources and mobilizing volunteers to bring hope back to these devastated communities, many of which have been long forgotten.

As Christians, we can offer help and hope in Jesus’ name. These rebuild centers offer an easy way for your church to get personally involved with an impacted family and to share Christ through word and deed.

Thank you for praying, giving and going!

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Chelsie Carpenter • [email protected] • (800) 395 5192 ext. 5606

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